Village Train.

Two tourist trains are waiting for you at the most touristic destinations on the island, Molyvos Petra & Anaxos , to offer you relaxation and fun to your sightseeing tour.You have the opportunity to "travel" in the picturesque port of Molyvos, the castle of the village, the narrow streets of Petra with the church of Our Lady on the rock, the sandy beaches of Petra and Anaxos and more ! 

The trains operate daily from early morning to late at night. 


Glass Bottom Boat

Day cruises depart from the ports of Petra and Molivos towards the Northern coastline passing the hot springs of Eftalou and enjoy the great views of Asia Minor. In the picturesque fishing harbor of Skala Sikamineas you can admire the beautiful church of “Panagia Gorgona” (Madonna the mermaid), take photographs and have lunch in one of the highly recommended tavernas. After a short walk from the harbour, you have a sandy beach called Kagia, which is worth visiting.

There are also BBQ day trips and overnight stays.


Bird Watching

Since the early 1990s, Lesvos has quite rightly established itself as one of the premier birding destinations within the Mediterranean basin. It combines the excitement of migration with several key species which can be otherwise difficult to see elsewhere in Europe.

For four weeks each spring birders from across Europe converge on this outpost of Europe which lies just 5 miles off Turkey and Asia Minor. The birds are a blend of Mediterranean breeding species, migrants moving through to breed in eastern Europe and Asia Minor species such as Krüper’s Nuthatch.

Donkey Trek

Explore the unique landscape of North Lesvos on the back of a donkey ! Two new day trips, to Petri and Petra. And the shorter afternoon trip will bring you to the astonishing sunset of Petra - To Petra: Trekking along the same route as on the day trek, you can enjoy the famous sunset while sitting on a saddle, just like the old days. The good old trip to Vafeios is also still available.

The day trips start at 10 am. After choosing a donkey to suit every one, There are three different routes available, all starting at Michael's´ donkey farm between Molyvos and Eftalou.

Diving at Myrmigi Reef

It only takes 5 minutes by speedboat from the port of Petra to the reef.
The underwater landscape is really impressive from the start, with bold vertical, volcanic, geological and infinite channels between them.
From the first minutes of underwater navigation, encounter groups of many kinds of fish (Saddled breams, Goldlines, Picarels, Two-banded Sea Breams etc.). Here we find colourful sponges, a variety of flora, starfish, annelids, lobsters, scallops and nudibranchs. It Is possible to go into a small canyon with a cave and get out on the other side or just swim around. It is worthwhile to explore the vertical volcanic tips that rise on the back of the reef. The visibility here is stunning. Visit:

Castles & Monasteries

The castle that crowns Molyvos is from the Byzantine times and was later repaired by Francesco Gattelusi. It is in terms of majesty and size the second most impressive on the island. Of course there are several other castles including the ones at Mytilene and Sigri harbours.


  • Leimonos Monastery is between Kalloni and Filia
  • Monastery of Agiou Raphael in Thermi
  • Church of the Panagia in Agiassos
  • Church of Taxiarches in Mandamados
  • Ypsilou Monastery in Sigri
  • Panagia Tis Gorgonas in Skala Sykamnia

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